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"Derik was so nice, and patient throughout the process. He even offered to help me move some items with his truck to a storage unit. Evan was a pleasure to work with as well. My attorney who handled my side of the transaction had nothing, but pleasant things to say in working with Evan and DFW Fair Home Buyer. All around pleasant experience and highly recommend them to anyone needing to sell a fixer upper."

- Nancy, Dallas Texas, 78228

"You guys were the highest offer. You also were the only one who gave me a free lease back in order to give myself time and money in order to move items out of the house. You also allowed me to leave a large amount of items in the house that were either trash or items I could not take to my new smaller place. All around great experience."

- David, Arlington Texas, 76011

"Derik and Evan were a pleasure to work with. They were patient and got the house under contract with me with the promise and understanding that I couldn't close until I found a new house to purchase. They closed exactly as they said they would and were gracious enough to give me a free lease back in order to gather and move my belongings with money in hand from the closing."

- Jeffery, Flower Mound Texas, 75028